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Who Am I?

Hey – I’m Brie!

I’m a multi-passionate tinkerer with lots of projects on the go – currently Course Boss, Lobotany, and my Youtube Channel.

I have an eclectic mix of interests, and I’ve taken the long and winding path to get where I am today.

I have a BSc in Biological Sciences from the University of Guelph.

I studied classical painting in Florence, Italy at the Angel Academy of Art.

I’ve created several online businesses in different niches, from gardening, social media marketing, online course creation, and crypto + finance.

I’ve been a big reader ever since I was a kid: here’s what I’ve been reading most recently.

Fun Facts

I teach entrepreneurs and business owners how to create a scalable & profitable online course business teaching what they love at Course Boss.

I’ve grown social media to over 100,000+ across my various blogs & businesses.

Niagara native.

Currently residing in: Montreal, CA

I garden and experiment with growing new things on my balcony.

Artist. Entrepreneur. Youtuber.

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