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We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us

achieving financial freedom through online business, crypto & web 3.0


Hey — I'm Brie

I’m currently helping aspiring entrepreneurs turn their expertise into profitable online courses over at

This is my space where I’ll be sharing my thoughts & contemplations on things like…

  • Making the world a more interesting, more exciting place — pursuing the most entertaining outcome.
  • Creating magic.
  • Making beautiful things. Telling compelling stories. Shaping reality to feel the way it feels in good games, films, & books.
  • Walking the edge of what’s considered “possible”. Exploring “impossible” ideas, and playing with them to see how we could make them happen. Think: conquering ageing, defeating death, putting humans on Mars
  • Cryptocurrencies, decentralization, and becoming a sovereign individual.
  • Achieving financial freedom, building a profitable online business & growing on Youtube

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Currently working on and my Youtube Channel from Montreal QC

Wanna chat? Shoot me a message.

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